Our Services 

  • One on one Coaching/Consulting for Business Owners and Key Executives 
  • One on one Coaching for Managers to improve Employee Engagement and achieve bottom line results 
  • Speaking/Training on: Leadership, Effective Hiring Practices, Management Training, Value Based Selling   

Client Testimonial

Tim helped me form strategies to be successful. With his coaching, and wisdom, we came up with plans, and set goals to turn my dreams into a reality. From creating a system to capture information on “door to door” cold-call leads, to having a step by step plan on how I would obtain additional licensing. I have successfully achieved many goals and have licensing to do more work and add more services. I have also captured and retained more long term customers. Customers like Kaiser Permanente, Certified-Safety, and Paramount Pictures. I service fire extinguishers and fire systems for large businesses, to small restaurants and shops. I have simply applied what I have learned, and now my business is well on the way to making over $90k in 2017. I will soon be a licensed contractor in fire protection, and be able to do even more than what I am doing now! Tim has supplied me with many resources and insight on how to grow my business. I look forward to working with him more, and I hope to continue to glean from his wisdom in the future!  Anthony Sebastian.  Owner, Ceasefire

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