Our Vision

Tim is a Business Coach with 25 years of Executive Level experience. He was with FedEx for 16 years and as Managing Director of Global Sales led a Global Sales force of over 200 people with revenue responsibility of $1Billion  

He has built and sold two companies and served as CEO of National Autism Resources.  Tim also serves on multiple corporate boards, is an Advisor with the Small Business Development Center, serves on the Leadership Committee for the National Association of Small Businesses (NSBA) and teaches business classes for entrepreneurs at Solano Community College.        


Based on his experience of both being a coach and having a coach, he knows first hand the positive impact that coaching can have on  improving the results of his clients. 

Today, Tim coaches business owners and key executives helping them with areas such as:

  • Sales & Marketing Strategy
  • Increasing Employee Engagement
  • Manager training and development 
  • Effective recruiting and hiring practices


We strive to provide support, encouragement and tools to business leaders just like you who want better results.  Tim understands from owning his own businesses that it can be "Lonely At The Top".  There are some things you simply don't want to discuss with your employees.  Having someone to bounce ideas and issues off of who has been there can be invaluable.  


Tim Murrill - Background